Dear Mark,

Thank you for taking a stand. It is a courageous and brave thing you are doing. You have my full support. I do not doubt for a moment that you would do whatever is necessary to defend and protect your family and your country if that ever became necessary. We all know Iraq is not that case. For your comrades who are in Iraq now and want to come home, want to be with their families, and feel the same as you do about this war but for whatever reason can not do anything about it, you are their hope. Fighting this fight on the homefront as you are doing is no less courageous and brave as those fighting in Iraq.

I want the troops to come home. I have signed petitions, marched in protest, written letters to my congressman and the President. I support the troops but I do not support the war. I support your position and will continue to do whatever it takes to bring an end to this insanity. Bless you dear one.


a mom

I understand how standing for what you believe could exact an incredible toll on someone.

You may feel as if you are standing alone, but there are many people who are of the same conviction and who are with you! Take courage!

– Rebecca Aguilar

Dear Mark,

I know what you have done is right in your heart. I am very proud of you for being strong and saying no to the ugliness that our country is blindly condoning. It is heroes like you, Suzanne, Ehren, Ricky, Camillo, and the entire IVAW that give me hope that our nation will survive this and be real peaceful warriors.

– Sara


2 Responses to “Words of Support”

  1. lennybruce Says:

    Dear Mark,

    I stumbled onto your story by stumbling onto when I was surfing around Youtube. I am deeply moved by your courage and your convictions. I too once went off to a war as a gung-ho hawk and what I experienced once I got there turned my life around and turned me into a peace activist. So in a sense I can appreciate what you went through although I can only imagine the kind of courage one needs to go AWOL and accept the consequences of one’s actions. That is true bravery, a kind of bravery that most people can not appreciate nor fathom.

    I wish you all the best in what could be trying times ahead. Please know that you are not only an inspiration to me but to many others.

    I will put my money where my mouth is, go off and top off my Paypal account and make a donation to your legal fund. At moments like this, I wish I were wealthy so at least I could relieve you and your family from the financial burden of what lies ahead.

    God speed and God bless.

    Lennybruce –

  2. brooklyndodgers Says:

    Hi Mark!!

    Despite what you’ve been through in your life, you are a really blessed person, and I know God will take care of you! We all love you back home and are praying for you, everybody from Widefield says hi; you’ve always been a strong person and I know that God will see you through this, and let justice be done. God bless you my friend, keep your head up, cause you’re in the right!!!

    Brooke Burawski

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