My Last Night AWOL

August 31, 2006

I am currently in a hotel outside of Crawford, TX. Tomorrow I am going to be at Camp Casey, and I am going to give a press conference talking about the year and a half I have been AWOL, and talking about my turn-in, which I am also doing tomorrow. I am turning myself over in Fort Hood, to Fort Hood authorities, which is where I was stationed as a Military Policeman. I am turning myself in as a war resistor, a person who not only disagrees with the current administrations policies, but war in general. I am nervous, I am scared, but I am going in with my head held high, knowing that what I did was right. Sometimes doing the right thing is not a popular decision in the eyes of others. Sometimes you just need to do what you need to do to the right thing.It is 11 o’clock at night and I am very tired. Tomorrow is a long day and tomorrow is going to be a hard day, because this shaved short haired guy you see in front of you is not the guy I have been the last year and a half, and they can take my body, and they can do with it what they want, but my spirit is whole and it will be intact, and I will not let the military destroy me again and take away who I am like they did during the first 2 and a half years in the military. They are not going to win. I am going to win. What I am doing is right. I am joining a long history of war resistors, many of whom have died for their beliefs and I know tomorrow they will be looking down on me and war resistors who are alive hopefully will respect what I have to say and I hope that with as big a stage as I am going to have tomorrow that I can make people proud of my message and that I can say everything that I truly want to say.

– Mark –