October 15, 2006

Let me comment a little on military cadence: They’re songs that are shouted during PT sessions in the early morning. The head of the group running will yell a little rhyme, and the soldiers running will repeat it. Supposedly, it helps us to breathe easier while we’re running. But I have always felt that it’s just another way for our leaders to maintain their authority on us, and I always found the cadences rather annoying. Let me give some examples:

“When my granny was 91, she did PT just for fun. When my granny was 92, she did PT better than you. When my granny was 93, she did PT better than me. When my granny was 94, she did PT more and more. When my granny was 95, she did PT to stay alive. When my granny was 96, she did PT just for kicks. When my granny was 97, she up, she died, she went to heaven.”

“C-130 rolling down the strip. 64 troopers on a one-way trip. Mission top secret, destination unknown. Don’t give a damn if we ever come home. Stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door. Step right up on the count of four. If my main don’t open wide, I’ve got a reserve by my side. If that one should fail me too, look out below, I’m coming through. If I die on the old drop zone, box me up and ship me home. Pin those wings up on my chest, bury me in the leaning rest.”

There’s many more that talk about army chow, excercise, and women (in fact, you can buy a CD of army cadences at the PX), but most of them seem pretty harmless. However, last Friday, I was reminded of a cadence that I haven’t heard in a long time, and that I don’t feel has any place in the army AT ALL. But, here it is:

“Left right left right left right kill…left right left right you know I will. Goin’ to the church, where all Iraqis pray, pull out my machine gun, and blow ’em all away! Left right left right left right kill…left right left right you know I will.” Other verses include “goin’ to the playground, where all Iraqis play, pull out my machine gun, and I begin to spray!” “Goin’ to the market, where all Iraqis shop, pull out my machete, and I begin to chop!”

This is brainwashing propaghanda at its best. Especially for the young privates who have not been to Iraq. By associating the words “kill” with the word “Iraqi”, it is telling the young soldiers that all Iraqis are enemies, and it’s okay to kill them. Wait a minute! Weren’t we supposed to be winning the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people? How can you do that when the soldiers are not protecting the heads and chests of the Iraqi people, and sing about chopping them up and blowing them away? No wonder we’re not winning the supposed war on terrorism.


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