Mark’s Surrender

September 2, 2006

Yesterday, at approximately 1:30pm Mark turned himself in to his unit at Fort Hood, Texas. Prior to his surrender he gave a press conference at Camp Casey in Crawford, TX with Ann Wright (26 years in the U.S. Army and Army Reserves and diplomat in the State Department for 15 years), Geoffrey Millard (former National Guard sergeant), Chaz Davis (former military police officer), Charlie Anderson (Petty Officer 2nd Class, U.S. Navy, assigned to the second marine division, second tank battalion 5th regimental combat team.), & Cindy Sheehan. You can read the transcript of his statement HERE and watch video from the press conference HERE.

Several of Mark’s supporters escorted Mark to Fort Hood, where he was met at the visitors center by media and Army Representative Major Joe Edstrom. After a brief statement he was escorted back on base. In a phone call received from Mark later than night he said that “I have been treated remarkably well.” After leaving his supports he said he was given a basic search, and ushered into the offices of his commanding officers who assured him that they wanted to treat him professionally and proceed in the proper way.

While Mark is restricted on-post, he can move freely around the base and have visitors.

While much of his original command has changed, he has encountered several of his old buddy’s. He said that several soldiers told him that “everyone has been supportive since the beginning, and knew that he tried to get out the right way before making the decision to go AWOL.”

For more on Mark’s story and yesterday’s events visit the following news links:

– National Public Radio: AWOL Iraq Veteran Returns to Base by Steve Inskeep

– Colorado Springs Gazette: Soldier from Springs surrenders after 20 months AWOL by Cary Vogrin

– Waco Tribune: AWOL U.S. soldier surrenders by Mike Anderson

– Democracy Now: “I Am Not Willing To Kill Or Be Killed For Something I Don’t Believe In” : AWOL Soldier Refuses to Return to Iraq



One Response to “Mark’s Surrender”

  1. momz Says:

    Dear Mark,
    Thank you for taking a stand. It is a courageous and brave thing you are doing. You have my full support. I do not doubt for a moment that you would do whatever is necessary to defend and protect your family and your country if that ever became necessary. We all know Iraq is not that case. For your comrades who are in Iraq now and want to come home, want to be with their families, and feel the same as you do about this war but for whatever reason can not do anything about it, you are their hope. Fighting this fight on the homefront as you are doing is no less courageous and brave as those fighting in Iraq.

    I want the troops to come home. I have signed petitions, marched in protest, written letters to my congressman and the President. I support the troops but I do not support the war. I support your position and will continue to do whatever it takes to bring an end to this insanity. Bless you dear one.


    a mom

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